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Website Network of the Astronist Institution

Official Informational Website of the Government of the Astronist Institution is the official website of the Astronist Institution and its governmental body. It offers information regarding the operations of each Institutional ministry and office as well as the current policies implemented by the Astronist Institution. Also provided are all communications of the Astronist Institution, a wealth of resources on a variety of topics, and the entire body of press published directly by the Institution's ministries, departments, and permanent offices.

Official Commercial Website of the Astronist organised philosophy is the official commercial website representing the organised philosophy of Astronism and is one of the official websites of the Astronist Institution. The website primarily offers visitors the opportunity to browse the full and regularly updated collection of Astronist and Cometanic books in its bookstore. In addition, it consists of an online store for education resources produced by the Institution and it also provides information about Astronism, its beliefs and its founding text, the Omnidoxy.

Official Academic Website of the Astronist organised philosophy is the official and principal academic authoritative website for Astronism and the Astronic tradition of philosophy and religion. It is an encyclopaedic website that provides the world's largest composite of information regarding Astronism. Each entry in the website is regularly updated and each is worthy of reference as an academic resource due to its unbiased written style.

Official Website of the Founder of Astronism, Cometan is the official website for Cometan, the Founder of Astronism and First Padron of the Astronist Institution. The site is mainly informational in nature and purpose, although it does feature a Cometanic online bookshop and Cometanic event bookings. Key information provided is a series of articles regarding Cometan which can be used as academic references due to their neutral written style, as well as information about Cometan's ancestry, his authorship, and his incumbency in the Office of the Padron.

Official Website of The Jesse Millette Company and The Original Jesse Millette Series is the official website of The Jesse Millette Company and by extension, The Original Jesse Millette Series and all other Millettarian books and literary works. The site is mainly commercial although information for older readers and interactive features for children can be found throughout the site. This official Jesse Millette website is one part of a wider collection of sites connected to the Spacefaring World franchise.

Official Website of the Spacefaring World franchise for the UK is the official commercial and informational website for the Spacefaring World franchise in the United Kingdom and its dependent territories. On this site, information is readily available regarding every aspect of the Spacefaring World franchise, each entry of which is regularly updated. 


Official Global Website of the Photography Lately publisher.

Photography Lately is the publisher responsible for archiving and distributing all images of Cometan following The Founding of Astronism. Photography Lately publishes all new official images of both Cometan and his Family Members as well as curating unique image collections and albums dedicated to Cometanic photography.

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